Welcome to Wellers everyone. Decker returns as a two-time defending champion, and this year he brings D-UCK-Y to the table (Decker, Tucker, Timmy). Let's be sure to fuck with him/them.

We return to the Dumpy once again. Back in the Carriage house with hotel rooms for all of the group this year. But, we've lost Sandoval (for a one-year absence), and walker (for eternity).

Richard Scott has missed two consecutive years, and he now is banned for life. Timmy Miller applied for the Assistant to the FNG position, and his paperwork met with approval. He's in for the first time at Weller's XII.
Good luck, Timmy. Hope you don't die.

Minutes from our last Board Meeting: The State of Wellers

We have several branded items going in the ditty bags. Shirts, can coozies, and an actual Weller's branded case of beer.

The Jambox is operational. LCR dice have been located. We need a Tomo Todo (Sandoval, can you mail us one? And, Landon has a proposal for a great year round gambling pool - we will discuss and launch after this year's event.

Long Live the Dupuy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday Lunch with Will, Mayfield, and any local boys who can join. Flight arrives 10:45am. I'll pick you early flight guys up at the airport. Dinner is at Knuckleheads where they're setting us up with a party 5:30'ish start time -- boiled shrimp + all the fixins, and we can also order anything we want off the bar menu. After dinner we will hit one or two Metry bars before returning to da Quarters / The Penny.

Saturday Bar hopping in da Quarters shall be had after breakfast. JaegerHaus is still not reopened. I propose we go for Breakfast tacos at Taqueria Coco-Loco down in da Parish. After that we bar hop our way back to the Dupuy. Event catering this year comes from McClure's BBQ. Neil will make: BBQ sliders, sausage stuffed and bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers, a big tray of buttermilk fried spicy buffalo wings, and mac & cheese.

Loehman, will set the table for the tourney. We have 10 players, and it is a race to see who gets to the pickup game table to join Taylor in his most favorite part of the evening -- OK, his second most favorite part of the evening.

Sunday Out and about, lunch somehwere, maybe a stop at 2nd Line Brewing, and then head over to Parkview Tavern for its great -- essentially free happy hour with Miller Lite at $2 bucks a bottle. Plus, The Penny remains a good choice as our hangout on all nights.

MondayBear's Po-boys, as usual is open. Maybe we hit the Shack, too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wellers 2019, speakers list:

Taylor Jones - Big big titties: What's not to like?
Andrew Loehman - Adventures in Daddy's World, Part Deaux

Timmy Miller - Accounting and Non-profits: Doing Good for your Friends in Weller's Places

Will Scott - Brexit Smexit: I Want to Burn it All Down
Mark Decker - A Brief History of The Rollin Elvi

Keynote Speaker: James C. Mayfield - It's Not Substance Abuse if You're Up before Noon

Wellers is upon us. It's go time!