Welcome to Wellers everyone. Last year we Made Weller's Great Again. This year will once again be fantastic. Yes, that's right. This won't be SAD.

This year returns to the Dumpy once again. Change in the venue is that we’ve lost the 2nd floor suite. They’ve moved us the carriage house in the back — In short: they've cut us off from the world, and that is #SAD.

William sneaks brother Richard in for Number 10. Richard has applied for the coveted Assistant to the FNG job, however an H1B Visa is required for this position as it is highly skilled labor we're after. Paperwork is pending.

Minutes from our last Board Meeting: The State of Wellers

We have zero dollars in the bank account. But, the good news is we are debt free. Once again we have several branded items going in the ditty bags. We even have real ditty bags for everyone. They will be given to you at checkin.

The Jambox is operational. LCR dice have been located. We do not have a Weller’s Tomo Todo. And, as you all know we do not have the William Scott Memorial 2nd Floor Honeymoon Suite. Deal with it.

Long fizzle the Dupuy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday Lunch at Mid City Yacht Club, dinner at Frankie & Johnny's. After dinner we will hit one or two breweries, Port Orleans most likely, and possibly Urban South.

Saturday Bar hopping in da Quarters shall be had after breakfast. JaegerHaus is not slated to reopen until September. So, we're kinda SOL on the brunch front. I suggest we head to Melba's on Elysian Fields, and bar hop our way back to the Dupuy from there. ScottyMac's is providing the catering. We've got a South Louisiana sampler on the menu this year. Chicken and andouille gumbo, red beans and rice, boudin burritos, mini muffalettas, and roasted brussel sprouts (for Walker).

Loehman, will set the table for the tourney. We have a few remaining decks of unopened Wellers playing cards.

Sunday Out and about, ending up hopefully for a session at one of our favorite bars. The Black Penny remains a good choice for our hangout on all nights.

Monday No lunch requests made yet. The usual spots are open.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wellers 2017, speakers list:

Taylor Jones - Location Scouting: Mission Critical to all Jobs (this one, included)
Andrew Loehman - Traveling to Hawaii for Fun & Profit, but mostly for fun
Jeff Wilson - Capture Lighting in a Bottle When You’re the New Kid on the Block

Walker Sory - Green Professionals: Where Marketing & Marijuana Meet
Joseph Saikali - How to be Brown and Still Get Ahead in Trump’s America

Will Scott - TBA
Richard Scott - Brexit for Small Business Marketing Consultants

Keynote Speaker: James C. Mayfield - Scotch and the Creative Process

Wellers is upon us. It's go time!